Pei Pei

She has always been his dearest daughter, but he never had the chance to show the love and care for her. Her heart wavers at the thought of returning home to her father, but she never had the courage.

After leaving Pulau Ubin for Singapore, Pei Pei is introduced to a hunky influencer Ah Zhe by a fellow beauty influencer Tracy. The trio’s friendship blossoms and with Pei Pei’s talent and influence from her two friends, she becomes an online social influencer as well. However, things go downhill when a sex tape of hers is leaked online.

When Pei Pei does not return home as promised, Zheng Shou decides to travel to Singapore to look for his daughter, along with Pei Pei’s childhood friend, Ah Jian. He realises that Pei Pei is no longer the perfect daughter he holds dearly in his heart. Heartbroken, Zheng Shou returns to their home in Pulau Ubin, but will Pei Pei ever return home to her father once more?


Project info

46 minutes

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